New airline at Tampa International Airport takes off ahead of Memorial Day weekend

A new airline departed Thursday morning from Tampa International Airport, launching a new line of budget-friendly flights.

Breeze Airways arrived just ahead of Memorial Day weekend, during which TPA officials say they expect 65,000 passengers to come through the airport for the holiday.

The airline sent its inaugural flight to Charleston, South Carolina at 10:30 a.m. 

Breeze is aiming to provide non-stop affordable flights to spots currently underserved – with low fares and high flexibility. Those flights start at $39 and are less than two hours on average. The aircraft has two-by-two seat configurations, meaning no middle seats.

The first Breeze Airways flight from Tampa International Airport took off the morning of May 27, 2021.

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Breeze Airways also allows passengers to upgrade for more legroom. Another plus, is there are no change or cancellation fees. The airline offers up to 24 months to use flight credits and they have customized flight features on their app.

TPA’s CEO said the launch is a great sign for Tampa Bay as a whole because Breeze saw the area as a vibrant economy.

On Friday, another Breeze flight will take off with Louisville, Kentucky as its destination.