New Port Richey residents chase off naked rake-swinging intruder

Deputies say they arrested the naked intruder who broke into a New Port Richey home and attacked the one of the residents with a rake.

“I was just freaking out, like, what are you doing?," victim William Colwell said.

That’s the only logical question anyone would ask after being in Colwell’s shoes. It was Friday evening and he and his wife were at home relaxing.

"Here's this dude in my house, completely naked, soaking wet,” Colwell said. 

Naturally, he shoved the sweaty intruder out the door. But it turned into a brawl. 

“He grabbed the rake and tried to hit me in the face,” Colwell said. “I got three or four lumps on my head, I got a lump on my armpit,” he said. 

Eventually, Colwell got the upper-hand when he grabbed his concrete hammer. 

“I said, 'You have three seconds to leave or I’m going to hit you,' and it was pretty much instantaneous, I just hit him,” Colwell told FOX 13. 

Deputies eventually arrested the man they believe is the naked suspect, 26-year-old Maurice Castanedo. The ordeal unfolded during a taping of A&E’s hit show 'LIVE PD'.

“Drugs will do messed up things to you,” Colwell said. “I’m glad it was me because he was pretty crazy, he could've really hurt someone, he could've killed someone,” he said. 

Ironically, this isn’t the first bizarre break-in Colwell has dealt with. In November 2017, a different stranger broke in the house, downed pills and beer and then passed out at the kitchen table. That person was also arrested.