New St. Pete exhibit showcases quilts, artists unique talent for stitching

Quilters have been around for centuries. The fabrics were first used to keep people warm, but now, it's turned into an art form for people to enjoy. 

A new exhibit at the Florida Craft Art in St. Petersburg features 29 quilts by 29 artists from around the United States. The name of the exhibit is "The Artist's Question… Answered in Fiber."

"Every quilt is different," said Elizabeth Neily, with the Florida Craft Art. "Every quilt comes from that artist's ingenuity and their talent for stitching." 

The quilts will be on display at Florida Craft Art until Saturday, May 14. 

"If you can dream it up, you can probably make a quilt out of it," Angie Knowles, Quilt Artist, said.