Nik Wallenda hosting final weekend of drive-in daredevil show

Sarasota-native Nik Wallenda has been keeping people on the edge of their seats for years now with his high-wire act. He’s walked a wire across an active volcano, the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls -- just to name a few.  

Now he’s been hosting his daredevil act back in his hometown to entertain as best as he can during a pandemic. It’s a drive-in daredevil show, called "Nik Wallenda’s Daredevil Rally" and includes himself and some of his friends performing amazing feats while those in attendance remain socially distant. 

The show includes motocross jumpers, BMX riders and a human cannonball. He said he came up with the idea after calling some of his fellow daredevils.

"I can never sit still," Wallenda explained. "I decided to call some friends and see what they were up to and all of them are in the same boat as me: bored to death, sitting at home being quarantined. I just thought, 'Why not gather all together?' This is some of the greatest daredevils from around the world that  I've been able and had the pleasure of working with. I've invited all of them to come to Sarasota."

For those who are more comfortable with staying in their vehicles, he said the show will be similar to a drive-in movie. Those attending will have to tune their FM Radio to 97.7 FM in order to hear it.

July 18-21 is the last weekend to attend. 

Tickets can be purchased at and a share of the proceeds generated will benefit All Faiths Food Bank. Attendees can get $1 off their ticket price for every can of non-perishable food brought to the event (a maximum of $5 off).