Non-profit Saddle Up Riding Club calling on community to help save part of program

A riding club that has served Pinellas County's horseback riding community for almost 20 years is looking for help from that community to keep part of the non-profit program alive.

"Saddle Up started 18 years ago at a farm over in Seminole with about 20 kids," explained Kellie Sipos, the founder and director of Saddle Up Riding Club.

Sipos shared her love for horses with her daughters and the community as the Riding Club grew as an outreach to kids, the 4H community and handicapped children and veterans.

But the club has faced challenges.

"In the 18-years we've been in business, we have had to move properties five times now," shared Sipos, "The property that we're on is up for sale (and) we have to be off the property here on August 31."

For now, that means the end of the riding club as it currently exists.

"Really though, the bottom line is Saddle Up Riding Club is done, the doors of that will close on August 31. We'll close that chapter of our life," added Sipos.

But her passion for horses isn't just her own anymore. Her daughter Molly Sipos is the manager of equine care at Saddle Up.

"What we're really looking for is anybody that has a number of stalls or a bit of property that would allow us to hunker down and stick together," said Molly, "There really isn't a lot of stables in the area that have space."

Molly oversees the 12 horses currently at the riding club and helps to instruct those 4H Club members who house their horses at the facility.

"In this area, it's really hard to find a youth-centered space," shared Molly.

So the call out to the community is for barn space or pasture space that could take in the 12 horses that help keep the youth-centered part of Saddle Up Riding Club going.

"We're hoping to keep the lesson program going, the 4H and a little bit of the therapy program going if we can find somewhere to be able to move our horses," explained Kellie.

They will be holding a "thank you" event on Saturday Aug. 28 that is free and open to the community.

To contact them or volunteer space for their program call (727) 520-3132 or send an email to

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