'Nothing but Advice' app offers virtual counseling sessions to help destress

Denise Solomon, a licensed mental health counselor in Tampa, is going virtual with her therapy sessions, to help those going through challenging times.

“I have a sense of peace because I'm using my calling and my purpose to help someone manage a situation that they are not able to manage themselves,” Solomon explained.

She is one of the advisors available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, through the app, Nothing but Advice.

“If you're having just something that's hard in your life for you to manage they can reach out to one of our advisors and we're either licensed or a registered mental health therapist,” said Solomon.

“We really felt like this was a crisis going on in the U.S. and of course globally,” said Elise Gates, a licensed therapist who created the app. “I was really starting to identify that there was a need for people to have immediate access to professionals.”

Therapists are available via text message, phone and video chat. Client privacy is protected. “I will not be able to see your first name your last name your email address or phone number,” Solomon explained.

“They’re given an email, they activate, they create a quick profile and they're able to scroll through, see our advisors and see who is available for services,” Gates said.

Clients are asked before they start a session to rate their level of stress and anxiety. “So when you call me, I know what's happening with you and I know what level you are and once we hang up you can say well how did that call make you feel,” said Solomon.

“This is not psychotherapy. This is not a suicide hotline. This is specifically designed for people in a moment of specific distress to reach out to a qualified mental health professional, get support and guidance in that area and to be able to continue on with their day,” said Gates.

Typically a 20-minute session costs $40 and a 40-minute session costs $80. They don’t take insurance, but Gates said they are reducing costs during the pandemic.

For more information visit https://nothingbutadvice.com