Oasis Opportunities provides clothes, basic necessities for Hillsborough County students

School is in session and some children need a helping hand when it comes to clothing. A dedicated group of volunteers is helping students whose families struggle to buy clothes for school. 

Dawn Schulman, the executive director for Oasis Opportunities, said the group of volunteers provides clothing and necessities to over 11,000 students in Hillsborough County Public Schools through school social workers.  

The organization was started 20 years ago and serves all 250 Hillsborough County public schools. 

"It's super important that kids have the clothes that they need to feel comfortable going into the classroom, to feel confident so that they can fully engage with their teachers in the classroom and get the best education possible, so they have choices in their life," said Schulman. 

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Schulman's sister and her husband know first hand the importance of the program. They're both teachers. 

"When you're not thinking about your appearance and what you're wearing, you know, you have that ability to really listen to the teacher, sit still and just be yourself in the classroom," Summer Bruch, Schulman's sister said. 

And every piece of clothing is donated by caring community members.

"Everyone can walk into their closet and find an outfit or two that they've either grown out of or that wasn't what they really liked," Schulman said. "And another kid could wear it and feel great when they come to school." 

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Schulman said what's so special about the program is that social workers identify the children in need. They then go to an Oasis Opportunities site with sizes in mind and pick out the clothes for the children. 

"Parents don't even have to come to us or have transportation," Schulman said. "We cut out that transportation barrier for them and allow those social workers to work with those families, to put them back on the right path and to make them feel great." 

And feeling great is the first step to performing great in the classroom and beyond. They have three sites and are starting a delivery service this year. If you would like more information, visit www.oasisopportunities.org