Odessa rescue group focuses on rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing Florida’s wildlife

As Owl's Nest Sanctuary for Wildlife continually grows, the mission still remains the same: protect and conserve Florida's native wildlife. 

The sanctuary is a volunteer-run, non-profit organization that is state and federally-permitted to rescue, rehabilitate and release sick and injured Florida native animals. The organization receives no funding from any governmental agency and is funded by donors and fundraising. 

They specialize in birds, but will also help in the rescue and rehab just about any creature that calls this area home. They have a family of otters in their care at the moment, among many others.

The vision for Owl’s Nest Sanctuary for Wildlife is to educate the public and to inspire them to reconnect with the animals living in their own backyards. In addition, they also want to reduce human impact on Florida’s native wildlife. 

Many of the cases at the sanctuary are critical care or babies, which means the animals, need around-the-clock attention, keeping them close with their care provider. Most care providers take care of the animals in their own homes, so there are no visitors allowed. 

If you have an animal that is in need of a rescue, you can call 813-920-5495 or 813-598-5926. 

Donations can be made directly through PayPal or you can become a Conservation Companion by pledging a monthly gift. 

With each Donation caretakers and animals will receive: 
•    Heating Pads without auto shut off
•    Medical Supplies
•    syringes
•    injectable fluids
•    medical tape
•    triple antibiotic ointment
•    gloves
•    feeding tubes
•    Cleaning Products (dish soap, bleach, laundry detergent)
•    Blankets and towels (used are okay)
•    Carriers, Kennels, Crates, Bird Cages, Dog Runs
•    Tubs and Storage Containers
•    Paper Towels and Newspapers
•    Nets with telescoping poles
•    Leather or Welding Gloves
•    Gift Cards (Publix, Gas Stations, Visa, Etc.)

LINK: For more information or to make a Donation you can visit: https://owlsnestsanctuaryforwildlife.com/