Ohio college student dies after alleged fraternity hazing incident involving alcohol

A Bowling Green State University student died after an alleged hazing incident involving alcohol, his family's attorney said.

The death of Stone Foltz, 20, is "a tragedy," Attorney Sean Alto said in a statement released Sunday night. Alto said Foltz's family was "gathering all of the facts leading to his untimely death."

"Despite their unbearable grief, they agreed to donate Stone’s organs so that others may have a second chance at life," Alto added in a statement to FOX 8 in Cleveland.

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The university placed the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity on interim suspension and was working with law enforcement investigating what the fraternity’s parent organization called "an alleged incident of alcohol-related hazing at an off-campus event" that left officials "horrified and outraged."

Folz, a sophomore at the university's College of Business, was dropped off at his apartment by members of the fraternity after the event, where he was found by his roommates, Alto said, according to The Columbus Dispatch. The roommates called 911 and Foltz was transported to a hospital in "dire" condition, the lawyer added.

A Bowling Green State University (BGSU) sophomore has died following an alleged hazing incident that involved alcohol, a family attorney announced Sunday. (Sean Alto, attorney for the family of Stone Foltz)

An attorney for Foltz's family told Fox News that a large quantity of alcohol was "consumed in a very short period of time." While a student whose roommate was pledging Pi Kappa Alpha with Foltz told WTOL that the pledges were told to drink a handle of alcohol on Thursday night.

"I've never seen my roommate more drunk in his entire life. He immediately went to the bathroom and was throwing up in the toilet for just 15 minutes to an hour and making himself vomit," the roommate told the station.

Foltz died Sunday, three days after the event.

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In an email to students and faculty, university President Rodney Rodgers wrote the school mourned the sophomore's loss and shared in his family's sorrow.

"This tragic incident has certainly impacted our students and community," the university said on Twitter, adding that officials were meeting with student leaders "to decide the short- and long-term future of fraternity and sorority life" at the school.

"In the days to come, we will also be reviewing all other student organizations," the university said.

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