Ohio state trooper escorts family of geese across interstate

An Ohio state trooper helped escort a family of Canada geese to safety after they became stuck alongside a highway divider in Hancock County on May 25.

This video shows adult geese and goslings waddling along the side of Interstate 75 as an Ohio State Highway Patrol car pulls up behind them. The footage goes on to show a trooper herding the squawking geese across the highway to safety.

The friendly escort was caught on camera by Ohio State Rep Haraz N Ghanbari, who said he saw the geese and called the Ohio State Highway Patrol’s Findlay outpost to help.

Ghanbari said two troopers came to the rescue, with one slowing down traffic while the other helped the birds cross the road.

“Thanks to Post 32 of District 1 for a quick response,” Ghanbari said on Facebook.