One person injured in gas explosion at Lutz home

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A family is counting their blessings after surviving an explosion that blew the windows and garage doors out of their home on Melissa Country Way in Lutz on Thursday.

Two people who were inside the home at the time suffered minor injuries, according to Hillsborough Fire Rescue.

The explosion took place around 4:25 p.m. near the laundry room toward the backside of the home.

Officials said preliminary evidence suggests a propane gas tank underneath the home exploded, causing significant damage and threatening the lives of those inside.

“I mean I’ve never heard a bomb go off, but if I had to imagine what a bomb sounded like, that’s what it would have sounded like,” said Susan Goodwin, who lives across the street.

According to neighbors, a woman and her elderly mother live in the home.

Officials said one of the residents was fairly close to the source of the explosion and was transported to the hospital with minor burns.

“Her clothes looked almost burned off,” said Goodwin as she described one of the victims, “her hair kind of singed, and her nose, her face had some scratches.”

Officials said code enforcement will be examining the home to determine its condition and whether it’s safe to live in.

The exact cause of the explosion remains under investigation, they added.