Operation BBQ Relief feeds athletes during Warrior Games

Hundreds of athletes from around the world are in Tampa taking part in the Warrior Games.

One competitor completed an impressive athletic feat before the games even started to raise awareness for Operation BBQ Relief, which is dedicated to helping those displaced by natural disasters and other emergencies.

During the Warrior Games, Operation BBQ Relief is feeding athletes and their families.

Retired Green Beret Jarrid “Jay” Collins is Operation BBQ Relief’s director of non-disaster programs. Before competing in the Warrior Games, he crossed the country - running, biking and hand cycling from Los Angeles to Tampa.

He called his journey the Breaking Bread Tour.

Operation BBQ Relief is followed Collins on his tour, offering meals to first responders and the homeless along the way.

“As a retired soldier and a retired Green Beret, I have the opportunity to push a mission of connecting people in communities, inspiring selfless service in others, and together let’s find a way to make things better,” Collins told FOX 13 News during his journey.

For more information on the Breaking Bread Tour, visit operationbbqrelief.org/alwaysservingproject/#bbt.

For more information on Operation BBQ Relief, visit facebook.com/OpBBQRelief.