Organization helps families achieve normalcy at home

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Pam Stamey and her crew of volunteers are providing free furniture for struggling families who can’t afford to furnish their homes. 

“So many families here sleep on the floor and it’s shocking that could ever happen in our country,” said Stamey, founder of Home Makers of Hope. 

Stamey started Home Makers of Hope, a faith-based group providing home goods for families in need, 11 years ago.

“When we go out, it changes you as a person,” said Stamey. “It makes you understand the plight that other families go through, that you’re not going through.” 

Stamey discovered the need in 2008 when a friend took her to a family sleeping on floor of their apartment. Stamey sprang into action.

“In three days we fully furnished this apartment and then the apartment manager came to me and said ‘I have 16 other families just like this one,'” added Stamey. 

She now has a warehouse, three trucks and 50 volunteers.

“I just think that God put you in places where you are supposed to be, and he shows you the steps and all you have to do is say yes,” Stamey said. 

Connie Hayden, a volunteer, says the work is very rewarding. “Immediate gratification not only for the families that are recovering these gifts, the furniture, but for us that we could do that for them.” 

Stamey has also recruited adults with disabilities to volunteer, like Cameron Heali. “I like it. It’s helping the people out. It’s nice.” 

Home Makers of Hope are creating loving and welcoming homes for families in need. Next, Stamey wants to start a Friday ministry to provide pregnant moms with furniture.