Orlando man charged with spitting at police, claiming coronavirus

Booking image for Christopher Abad

A Florida man spit at police officers and told them he had the new coronavirus as they arrested him for shoplifting at a convenience story, authorities said.

Christopher Abad, 26, was arrested Monday night at an Orlando 7-11 and charged with theft, assault, battery on a law enforcement officer and assault on a law enforcement officer, according to an Orlando police arrest report.

Abad coughed on and tried to kick an officer who attempted to handcuff him, police said. Once secured, Abad spit on the officer and tried to spit on other officers, the report said. Abad also threatened to shoot a store employee who confronted him, police said.

Police haven’t confirmed whether Abad was tested for the coronavirus after his arrest.

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Abad was being held on $3,600 bond, the Orlando Sentinel reported.

Earlier this month, federal prosecutors charged Jamal Curry, 31, of St. Petersburg, with perpetrating a biological weapons hoax after police said he coughed on an officer’s arm during a domestic violence arrest and claimed to have COVID-19. Curry later tested negative for the virus.