Palm Harbor shelter taking in dogs and cats from the Bahamas

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It's been over a month since Hurricane Dorian devastated the Bahamas. Thousands of people lost their homes, and so did hundreds of animals.

Members from the Pinellas County non-profit organization, Compassion Kind, flew to the Bahamas with relief supplies. Since then, they've been looking for lost pets. They have since found pets trapped in the rubble, and other wandering around -- hungry and thirsty with no place to go.

Sadly, they also found countless animals dead in demolished homes.

On Wednesday afternoon, some abandoned and misplaced dogs are headed to the Bay Area. Compassion Kind said they already rescued 150 animals. Fluff Animal Rescue in Palm Harbor will open its doors to 20 dogs and several cats.

The animals are traveling by boat to the east coast of Florida, where they will pile into a vehicle and head to Pinellas County. They are expected to arrive around 3 p.m. Fluff said they are partnering with two other local groups, CJPaws and Rescue Pink, to take in, vet and comfort the animals. 

They will be checked out at Day and Evening Animal Hospital in Palm Harbor. After that, they'll be available for foster and adoption. 

LINK: For updates on the animals' adoption status, you can follow FLUFF on Facebook, or head to their website