Parents have mixed feelings about kids and COVID-19 vaccines

If the CDC gives the OK on Wednesday to allow 12- to 15-year-olds to be vaccinated, you can expect lots of parents to rush their kids right over to a vaccine site.  But not every parent.

"To each their own, I'm not giving it to my kids," said one woman.  

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, nearly a quarter of parents surveyed said they would absolutely not give their kids the COVID-19 vaccine.  Conversely, only 30% said they would and another 25% said they would wait to see how it goes.  

"I’ll probably give it another month or so before I completely decide," said one father of a 12-year-old.

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Researchers have said the vaccine is safe.  More than 2,000 young volunteers were studied; efficacy was said to be 100%  

"I would tell parents I feel that it is safe," said Dr. Carlos Mendez, a pediatrician in Manatee County. "Get the vaccine so the child will protect themselves as well as protect parents and grandparents."

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