Pasco County deputy siblings serve community and country

Pasco County Deputies Victoria Tellier and Luke Makovic are more than coworkers – they are family.

Tellier followed her big brother, a firearms instructor, into a career in law enforcement. 

"He's always been someone I've looked up to my whole life," said Tellier. "With the sheriff's office, I just kind of want to fall in his footsteps. I love doing this every day I don't hate going to work."

Makovic is proud of his little sis, but he was also inspired by her to join the Air Force reserves. 

She's serving in the Army as a religious affairs specialist. He works on the KC-135 refueling aircraft.

"We do counseling with the soldiers. We do suicide preventions. We just kind of go through units and talk to everyone and make sure everyone is doing the best they can do," said Tellier.

She is using that training to help struggling veterans in Pasco County as part of the behavioral health intervention team.

"Get them out of crisis that they're in or get them the help they need and I just love speaking with them hearing their stories and hearing what someone went through and being able to help them," said Tellier.

There's no sibling rivalry. Only support.

"I see nothing but great things for her in the future so I couldn't be happier," said Makovic

"I'm extremely proud of him, everything he's accomplished in life," said Tellier.

They're a family unit on a mission.

"We want to help the people. We want to help whoever's around us. We want to make sure our county is safe as we're working for the sheriff's office and we want to make sure our country is safe being in the reserves, that's our biggest goal," said Makovic.