Pasco deputies: Woman posted man's nude photos, asked for $500 to take them down

A Pasco County woman is accused of using nude photos of a man to try and extort money from him.

Deputies say she managed to change the man’s social media passwords and then posted the pictures on his accounts.

Pasco County deputies say Breyanna Helen Dean used shame and embarrassment to try and manipulate a man into giving her $500.

“These photos were pictures of his genitalia that he took,” attorney Denis DeVlaming explained.

Investigators aren’t saying what Dean’s relationship is to the man or his name, but they arrested Dean’s ex-boyfriend, Christian Belanger-Leppinen, for breaking into her home around the same time she posted the photos.

Deputies say Dean found the pictures on an old phone. That’s when she apparently devised the scheme and contacted the man demanding payment if he wanted the photos to be deleted.

“This is the first case where I’ve seen a woman doing it to a man,” said DeVlaming.

Dean’s charges stem from the threat of extortion, which is a felony. Some call it ‘sextortion.’

But even without extortion, the simple act of sharing nude photos of someone else, without permission, will get you in trouble.

“If you send it into the internet without the consent of the person of whose picture you’re sending, you’ve committed a crime in Florida,” DeVlaming explained.

That crime is sexual cyber harassment. A first offense is a misdemeanor. Do it again and it’s a felony.

A 2013 study found more than 55% of young adults have sent nude selfies. Law enforcement says it’s leading to more crimes like this.

“It might not even be a monetary request, it might be, ‘You’ll have to meet me here or do this or do that.’ And it’s going to happen more and more,” DeVlaming said.

Breyanna Dean is home now, released on a $10,000 bond.