Pasco school officials announce three-option plan for reopening schools in the fall

Parents in Pasco County will have options when it comes to their children returning to school in the fall semester.

Superintendent Kurt Browning announced three options Thursday for students in the 2020-21 school year.

“Parents sent us a message loud and clear: they wanted options,” Browning said in a statement. “Many are eager to have their student return to school and see their teachers and classmates. But many aren’t ready for that yet. There’s an option here for everyone.” 

School officials announced the following options for parents to choose:

Traditional – A return to campus and classroom with the standard school schedule and bell times. This option includes a heavy emphasis on health and safety precautions. Students will practice safe social distancing to the greatest extent possible. Schools will use signage and consistent communication to discourage the gathering of large groups of students. Students will be expected to wear masks or cloth face coverings on the school bus, but masks will not be required in classrooms.

mySchool Online – Virtual learning with a connection to the student’s enrolled school. This option requires that students follow the standard school schedule and bell times. It features lessons and virtual interaction with teachers during each class period – all conducted online.

Virtual School – Online learning through Pasco’s nationally recognized Pasco eSchool. This model offers flexible scheduling and is taught by Pasco County teachers. Students work at their own pace can do school work during non-traditional hours.

The announcement comes after school officials solicited opinions from parents, students and staff in regards to their comfort level.

Families will be asked to choose an option by July 1.

Pasco County's school year begins on August 10.

For more information, head over to the Pasco County School District website.