Pinellas YouTube star adjusts songs to help kids cope

Just three weeks ago, musician Jack Hartmann was performing for hundreds of Polk County students in a Winter Haven church. 

“It's beyond my imagination that we are here now,” Jack said of the current situation the country finds itself in. 

The kids-content YouTube star, who lives in Pinellas County, makes a living doing live shows and racking up hundreds of millions of views on his channel. It’s loaded with educational content that parents and educators love. 

“It’s the kind of songs and active participation, and the content that teachers appreciate. They can count on us to say those letters correctly and do the numbers correctly,” he explained.

With schools closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, the live shows have stopped. But his online channel plays on with important tips for youngsters. One newly added song tells viewers how to show someone you care from 6 feet away; a current social distancing guideline from the CDC. 

“We just thought it was important to give the boys and girls that information, and do it through song. That’s our talent. That’s our gift I think. We like to try and give.”

Jack looks forward to getting back in front of children with his live shows. But until then, he has a message for the little ones going through some big changes. “Try to be positive boys and girls and help each other. Make each other smile and be kind to one another in your home.”

With lots of children at home right now and parents leaning on digital content to get through the day, Jack is racking up a million and a half views a day. 

He is currently working with Hillsborough County Schools to get a concert online. 

LINK: You can find Jack's channel here: