Police: Car that killed doctor was speeding at 95 mph

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Police in Temple Terrace say the driver who hit and killed a doctor earlier this year was speeding down Fowler Avenue at close to 100 mph. Now, he’s behind bars.

The crash happened back in March.  According to police, Dr. Charles Williams Jr. pulled out onto Fowler after getting a green light.  That’s when a Dodge Charger slammed into the driver’s side of his car, killing the 70-year-old.

Temple Terrace police say the Charger’s vehicle data recorder has revealed that its speed five seconds before impact was between 87 and 93 miles per hour, and they believe it was moving at 95 mph when it hit Williams’ car.

Based on this information, police have charged the driver, Igbinosa Oghubor, with vehicular manslaughter. The 35-year-old was arrested Sunday evening at Orlando International Airport after returning from an international trip.

Oghubor is being held in the Orange County jail on $75,000 bond.