Police chief for Sarasota County Schools sworn in

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Chief Tim Enos has been sworn in as the new leader of the Sarasota County Schools police force. 

He took his oath at Riverview High School - the same school from where he and his children graduated.

"I can’t think of another honor and, again, thank you to everybody to put your trust in me. This is an unbelievable thing," he said. 

As a product of Sarasota County Schools, Chief Enos brings with him an impressive resume and a career devoted to school safety and kids. 

He recently retired from the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office where he served as a captain and worked to develop policies and procedures for school resource officers. 

He also works with the Riverview High baseball team as an assistant coach. 

"We just had an opportunity to get better and I thought we needed to act on that," said Superintendent Todd Bowden. 

The move comes less than seven months after the school district's police force was created and three months after Paul Grohowski was first sworn in as chief. Grohowski has since been reassigned to help with the school's facility department. 

He now works to make sure schools are up to date with secure entrances and surroundings. The district said the reason is clear. 

"If you believe in the concepts of continuous improvement we had an opportunity to get better," said Superintendent Bowden. 

The move brought approval from one of Florida's top school security experts, Florida Department of Education Safe Schools Director Damien Kelly. He attended Chief Enos' searing in. 

The chief said his contacts will allow him to help the department and his officers create a safe space for students to learn. 

"My passion has always been working with kids....To be able to get back to do that, to be able to have that opportunity again is a such a very humble and honored to be given that. Not a lot of people get to do what I’m doing. For that I’m eternally grateful," said Chief Enos.