Police patrol Seminole Heights on horseback

Tampa police are keeping a watchful eye on the Seminole Heights neighborhood with help from police horses.

The mounted unit is roaming the streets on horseback looking for suspicious activity. 

Fear of a possible serial killer still hangs over the community. 

Police are still trying to find whoever killed four people during a two-month span, all within a close proximity to each other. 

Not only are these officers looking for that suspect, they are hoping their presence will help bring a sense of comfort to the community.

"Mounted unit is, for one, can kind of go in the areas where people in their cars cannot. They can go in the alleyways, some of the overgrown older alleyways that most cars don't even go down anymore," said Tampa police officer William Wagner-Hart. "But also being a public relations type unit, along with all the other things that we do, it helps reassure some of the businesses that are having some questions about their slowing in their business because of what's been going on here," he said.