Polk County rapper Stephon Stephon shows what happens when criminals try to 'duck Grady'

Central Florida's outspoken sheriff is the central focus of a new song and music video.

The message: Criminals should watch their backs.

Polk County-based Lyricist Stephon Stephon is the creative force behind the hip-hop song and music video about Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd.

“When you think of Polk County, you think of Grady Judd,” Stephon told FOX 13 News. “And I knew that was going to grab everyone’s attention.”

He was right, at least for the audience who counts.

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“It is hilarious,” said Judd. “If you can’t laugh at yourself, what’s left in life?”

After being posted on the Polk County Sheriff’s Facebook page for one day, it was shared almost 700 times.

The video follows two deputies, played by friends of Stephon Stephon, who are hot on the trail of a bad guy, played by the rapper.

After a number of wacky, light-hearted adventures, the deputies eventually track down and arrest the suspect.

Stephon Stephon is happy with the final product, with one exception. He wanted to recruit Judd to take part in the video.

“I wanted him to arrest me,” Stephon said.

It's too late for this video, but if there is a next one, Judd says to count him in.

“I’m there,” Judd told FOX 13 News.

Watch the full “Ducking Grady” music video below or by clicking here.

*Some may find language in this video inappropriate. Viewer discretion advised.