Polk detectives looking for three suspects who stole guns from Reflections West community

Polk detectives are looking for three suspects, presumably young men, who stole four guns from cars in the Reflections West community over the weekend.

The burglaries occurred between 2 and 4 a.m. on Sunday morning as residents slept unaware of what was happening just feet away from them.

Investigators say the culprits smashed the windows of cars that were locked, or simply opened the doors of those that were not, and grabbed whatever they could.

They took wallets, jewelry and most concerning, firearms.

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"I promise that all four of those guns will be used in criminal activity," commented Polk Sheriff Grady Judd. "I pray that no one dies as a result of that."

It is not an uncommon crime.

Criminals get more guns from cars than from anywhere else, and the problem is growing.

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"Here is the thing that stirs my soul," Judd told FOX 13. "There are four guns in the hands of four felons. Now my deputies have to risk their lives to go take that gun back from the felon, if we can find it."

On Monday, the Polk Sheriff’s Office released a grainy video of the three juveniles they are looking for.

Judd says if anyone has any information about the young men or the stolen guns, contact the Polk Sheriff’s Office.

You could be eligible for a reward.