Power of art transforms blank walls during St. Pete’s Shine Mural Festival

The Shine Mural Festival is back for its 7th year in St. Petersburg and 16 artists have been tasked with creating murals throughout the downtown arts districts.

"I knew immediately this is bigger than I’ve ever experienced, but I’m always up to a challenge," stated Jason Harvin, a Bay Area artist painting his first mural.

Harvin began painting in 2018 and his work has slowly evolved into art. He describes his art as geometric, straight-lined shapes with clean edges.

"My work has come from painters’ tape. With interior work, you put painter's tape up and you can roll over it however you please and once you pull the tape you have really clean lines," explained Harvin.

The annual Shine St. Petersburg Mural Festival turns St. Pete into an outdoor gallery, allowing the power of art to transform otherwise blank walls.

"You don’t have to have people come to one central location to see art on walls, they can bike ride around the city and interact with murals, hit local businesses around the area," said Harvin.

LINK: To learn more about the festival and where the murals are located, visit https://stpeteartsalliance.org/shine-mural-festival.


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