President's COVID-19 diagnosis roils campaign

The diagnosis of President Trump with coronavirus is roiling the presidential race just over a month before votes are counted.

The president's campaign has postponed all in-person campaigning that included him or his family. That includes a rally he was slated to hold in Sanford in Florida Friday night at the Sanford-Orlando International Airport.

There may still be some virtual events, but for now, the president's scheduled rallies in Wisconsin for this weekend are off.

"President Trump is a fighter. He's a bigger-than-life personality," said David Bossie, the president's deputy campaign manager. "It's one of the things that draws people to him and why people love him. The outpouring of support we have seen all day today, talking about wanting the president and first lady to get well soon so they can get back on the trail to win reelection."

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“I would love him on the road for the campaign, that is something he does so well. He loves that, he feeds off of that. The enthusiasm is palpable. As it relates to running the free world, I don't think it changes anything," the president's son, Don Trump, Jr. told Tucker Carlson. "Obviously he can't do the public appearances that he would otherwise be doing, he's going to take that very seriously."

However, when it comes to the vice president, those events will be proceeding.

The president had been at a fundraiser on Thursday in New Jersey where he reportedly came into contact with around a hundred people.

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The Biden campaign has pulled all negative advertising.

"This is not a matter of politics. It is a bracing reminder to all of us, that we have to take this virus seriously," said Biden. "It is not going away automatically. We have to do our part to be responsible. That means following the science.

Democratic nominee Joe Biden tested negative Friday and proceed with a socially distanced campaign event in Michigan. He wore a mask and said he and his wife Jill are praying for a quick and full recovery for the president and First Lady.

The Trump campaign has asked aides who came into contact with anyone who has tested positive to self-quarantine.

Though Biden held an event today in Grand Rapids, he did cancel a second event that was slated to be in a smaller venue.