Previously blind woman shares gift of sight with others

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Britny Belskis was born legally blind, with 20/400 vision. But now, thanks to a pair of special glasses, she's seeing 20/20.

"It is so amazing to see people's facial expressions for the first time," she told FOX 13.

Britny can see thanks to special glasses called Esight. They help her focus and can make images 20 times larger. 

She calls her clear new vision a miracle.

"I have been praying since I was little, so it's amazing," she said.

The glasses cost $10,000; money that her family did not have, so a family friend stepped in.

"I promised I would get her those glasses and that's what we did," said Ken Brady.

Brady is a well-known performer with the original Casinos and had a hit song in the late 1960s. He and other artists held a fundraiser a few weeks ago and raised $12,000.

When the glasses arrived and Britny put them on, it was quite a moment.

"The whole room was in tears," he said. "It broke us all down."

Now Britny wants to help others get the glasses. She is forming a non-profit called Britny's Light. There's also a GoFundMe site for her cause.

"Everybody should be able to see," she added.