Publix sends sweet statewide 'thank you' to first responders

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After weeks of hurricane cleanup and recovery, first responders across Florida are getting a tasty ‘thank you’ today from Publix.  The Lakeland-based grocery chain is sending cakes to police officers, deputies, firefighters, troopers, and others.

“Our first responders are so important to the communities we serve,” Publix spokesman Brian West offered.  “They’ve had a tough few weeks and we wanted to let them know how grateful we are for their service.”

From Miami-Dade to Clay County, the grateful agencies took to social media to show their gratitude, sharing photos of the cakes – along with quite a few smiles.

To many Floridians, Publix’s cakes are nearly as legendary as their subs. Many of these creations lived up to the bakeries’ reputations, with elaborate decorations and designs featuring police cruises, badges, and more.

Today, Publix is also marking the birthday of founder George W. Jenkins, who was born all the way back on September 29, 1907.  West said that day just happened to coincide with the cake deliveries.