Raymond James Stadium looks to hire hundreds of employees ahead of football season

It takes an army of employees behind the scenes to run Raymond James Stadium. Now they are hiring even more workers as they prepare for the upcoming football season.

"There's just so many pieces and parts that I think the average person doesn't see," said David Moss, Director of Event Services at the stadium.

Every step of the way there's an employee to help, from parking, ticket taking and food service to security.  

"We are in need of good people that can put on a smile, put on a good front and talk to fans and be enthusiastic about their job and our events," he said. 

Before football season kicks off, Raymond James Stadium is working to beef up their staff by hosting a job fair this weekend for potential employees. 

"We try to take care of them as much as we can. We do post season parties and awards dinners and things on the field where they can bring their families in to show how much we appreciate them," Moss said. 

During game days and large events, it takes up to 3,000 employees to keep Raymond James Stadium running. Right now they're looking to fill vacancies from last year and new positions that have been created.

"We are just looking to back-fill spots that are up and we are always changing," Moss explained. "We are always kind of trying to redefine the model to put customer service first." 

An Instagram post brought Nadidege Jeantyn in. 

"I like interacting with customers, I like to keep them happy," she said. "I'm good at customer service so that's what I do."

Within an hour, she was hired for a part-time job. She said if you're looking for a job, don't turn down this opportunity. 

"I suggest they come out quick. Because they are hiring quick. Don't miss out if you need a job," she said. 

The job fair continues Sunday from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. It's located at the East Club Lounge and parking is available at the B/C Lot. 

For any questions, call the Tampa Sports Authority office at 813-350-6500.