Red tide continues to claim waterways in Sarasota

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The once-healthy ecosystem of a canal in Sarasota seems to have become another victim of red tide. Scientists at Mote Marine Laboratory have not run any tests, but after looking at pictures of the canal's current state, they said it looks like red tide is to blame for the fish kills and dead vegetation.

They said the toxic algae bloom seems to have removed necessary oxygen for plant life, resulting in seagrass and benthic algae rising to the surface.

According to Mote scientists, without dissolved oxygen, plant life cannot survive.

"It used to be more gorgeous, but now it is pretty ugly," said Kevin Bales, president of the St. Armand's Residents Association.

People who live along the canal say they're concerned the condition of the water could get even worse.

"What worries me, in particular, is that, what if it doesn't go away?" Bales asked.

The city of Sarasota confirmed it is aware of the issue and is monitoring the situation.