Relocation, downsizing company helps supply furniture to those in need

Janeen Salzgeber and her friend from high school Renee Brunelle own Pathfinders Downsizing Solutions. They help seniors downsize and organize their move into a smaller residence.  

"We thought this would be a fantastic way to build community," said Salzgeber. "They don't need all the stuff that they have acquired to be able to bless other people in the community." 

To help the blessing flow to the community, the duo started Project Good Works, a non-profit that helps connect stuff that the clients want to give away with the people who need it. 

"For our clients that don't think of their stuff as being that big of a deal, it's such a big deal, Salzgeber explained. "It’s such an impact that they make and they get to see it too it's so cool." 

Janet Rinaldi works for West Florida Foster Care Services. She said the service is needed for foster families.

"It helps families,” she explained. “Maybe if they had some extra beds they could take in more children, or maybe if they had an extra dresser or bed they could take in a sibling group instead of one child. So it is really serving foster families very well." 

Brunelle said the goal of Pathfinders is to help small non-profits with the donations. 

"There could be an easy solution of where that donation could go or maybe one that takes a little Google searching, But our goal is to find the next best home for things that you can't take to your new address," Brunelle said. 

Pathfinders Downsizing Solutions has helped more than 500 families with furniture and other household items.