Renovation brings new life to old Tampa firehouse

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After nearly a century, a historic Tampa firehouse has been reborn.  

The old Fire Station 5, along North Florida Avenue in Tampa Heights, was built back in 1925.  Now, it’s been remodeled -- from the firemen’s pole all the way down to the classic wood floors 

It’s a job that took Dominique Martinez nine long years.  "Every single square inch of this building inside and outside, I can say honestly say I've touched," he proudly stated.

Martinez did a lot of the work on his own, but he couldn't do it all.  Sometimes he hired homeless people that were looking for odd jobs.  He says they often did great work. 

From the moment he first saw the inside of the building, Martinez knew it would be a great space for public events such as art showings, and parties.  Now, the old station is back in operation as Red Door No. 5.

“Everything in here has a story,” Martinez continued.

Despite the building's extensive renovations, its historical charm still remains.  Most of all, Martinez explained, he wanted to preserve the history of the building. It still contains original wood, original walls, and an actual door from the Belleview-Biltmore hotel in Pinellas County. 

"History can vanish in a heartbeat, and I love the preservation of history.  It's what creates a culture. It's what makes a city,” Martinez added.  “We're doing something where people can appreciate and respect what has been done here as part of Tampa's history.”

If you are interested in reserving the space for an event, the details can be found on the Red Door No. 5 Facebook page: