Residents celebrate Easter with festivities throughout the Tampa Bay area

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An Easter sunrise followed by a Sunday morning message at Downtown Tampa's Water Works Park was how hundreds of locals chose to start off their Easter celebrations. 

Many took time to reflect on Resurrection Sunday, one of the most important days of the year for the Christian church. 

"Just like how a lot of people live in the shadows, and they find the light when they find Jesus," said Vendela Busbee, one of the Sunday sunrise service attendees. 

From bright sunrises to vibrant eggs, it wasn't long before kids of all ages charged USF's Fowler Field to see what goodies the Easter bunny had left behind. 

"They're going to be aggressive, want to get all they can get, put them in their bags," said Brenda Fruster, a co-pastor at Winners' Worship Center, the church who hosted the 2019 Easter Eggstravaganza. 

Over 20,000 eggs filled with chocolate and prizes could be seen covering the field. 

"We have games, face painting, game shows, a lot of people have come out," Fruster said. 

The Easter bunny even left treats behind for the parents. Some raffle prizes proved to be a little too big for the Easter basket. 

"A one month car payment, the second you would get insurance paid for one month," said Fruster. "The last would be a mortgage or a rent paid for up to $1,200."

But from Sunday services to Easter festivities, some family traditions you can never outgrow. 

"My dad's planning an Easter Egg hunt for us," Busbee said excitedly. "He puts little challenges and stuff in the Easter Eggs and little dares and stuff, so me and my brother and sister really enjoy that. It's so fun. And we've been doing it since we were super little, so it's awesome."

Proving that just like any holiday, the time spent with family often means the most.