Salon to lose a month of revenue after cars crash through front door

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Anna Fuori was working alone at Making Waves Hair Designs when she heard a crash - and two cars were coming right at her.

"I had just finished up a customer about 25 minutes before," she said. "I was walking towards the desk, and the next thing I know, I hear this crash."

Deputies say a car making a left or U-turn on Seminole Boulevard near Lake Breeze Drive was T-boned by a car going north.

Both cars came plowing through the wall.

"The car ended up a foot away from me. It took out everything," she said. "Scared the life out of me. I am still shaking."

The two drivers also escaped without any injuries.

"How I didn't get hurt, I don't know," she said.

Along with the damage to the store, the incomes that Anna and the shop owner depend on are taking a hit.

Code enforcement says the building is unsafe to be occupied until the damage is fixed.

"It is not a great way to start the year. It affects your income, it affects the business," said Fuori.

Deputies have not said if either driver will be punished.

"We are just hoping all our clients come back when we are back ready to go back to work," said Leslie Platania, the store owner. "Everything is good. We are alive and that is all that matters."

They hope to be back in business within a month.

Platania said she will call their clients to let them know what happened, and that they will be happy to have them back.