Sandy shores of Clearwater Beach continues to be a much-needed escape for all

There's a reason Clearwater Beach is world-famous -- actually several reasons.

Every year, it's voted one of the best beaches in America. Known for its soft, white sand, crystal-clear water, sunny days and dolphin sightings, Clearwater Beach has been, unsurprisingly, ranked as one of the most popular beaches around.

As travelers fly in from outside the Sunshine State, they can see calm blue waters lining the Pinellas County shore from above. As locals drive and jog over the Memorial Causeway, they are immediately surrounded by the picture-perfect waterfront view of Clearwater Beach.

Even throughout the pandemic, it still lives up to its name as a destination for locals and visitors alike.

In early May, after more than a month of beach closures across Pinellas County, a crowd of people -- with foldout chairs and umbrellas in hand -- erupted in cheers the morning Clearwater Beach reopened. 

From Pier 60 to all of its incredible seafood restaurants , there is a lot to soak in at Clearwater Beach.