Sarasota group celebrates pipeline decision

A group, organized in part by Answer Suncoast, got the news they'd been waiting for at a fundraiser in support of Dakota Access Pipeline protesters.

The fundraiser was scheduled before the Army Corps of Engineers' announcement that it would not grant the permits for the pipeline to move forward through a river near Standing Rock Sioux lands in southern North Dakota. When local opponents to the pipeline learned of the news, the gathering took on a tone of celebration.

"I think that's very exciting for our standpoint for the water protectors," said Rebecca Hamburg.

Some met the news with trepidation, unsure if the decision to halt work on the pipline would be permanent.

"They're still violating the law. They're not gonna stop just because the Army Corps said to," said Joelle Clark, who has relatives at the site of the pipeline.

The multi-state oil pipeline has been controversial for months, as protesters clashed with local authorities over the route near land belonging to Native Americans.

The Sarasota group says has it raised nearly $5,000 for the Standing Rock protesters that will still go toward the cause.