Search for arsonist after cars torched in Tampa driveway

A pair of cars outside a Lemon Street home in Tampa were set on fire on purpose, according to investigators. It happened around 1:15 Monday morning.

“It appears someone came in poured fluid in the cars, walked away with it, lit that, and that’s what torched those two cars,” said Tampa Fire Rescue spokesman Jason Penny.  

Investigators they think it is a male who came on foot carrying some kind of container with flammable liquid. The home does have doorbell camera that may have caught the perp in the act. 

“Right now they're doing a latent investigation to see if they can identify the person or person involved in this. Arson is a serious crime; people die because of this,” Penny continued. 

Luckily, no one was hurt in this case.  Besides the cars, the home itself has about $1,200 in damage. 

We asked officials if this appeared to be a random attack or a specific targeting. 

“We don’t know that’s something the investigators are looking at…it’s a fresh scene so to speak,” said Penny.  “That’s the reason arson is so dangerous because fire can spread so quickly. We're fortunate that no one was injured in this incident, but it shows how important it is to find people who perpetrate these crimes and bring them to justice real quick.”