Search for storage unit burglar

Pasco Deputies are trying to identify a man who broke into a storage facility four times and got away with thousands of dollars worth of electronics.

Between August 18 and 31, investigators say the subject broke into four units at the Store-ette Storage Facility on U.S. 301.

The owner, Dan Fuston, said each time their surveillance cameras captured the man pull up on a bike, while holding bolt cutters.

The video shows him walk up to the storage units, cut the locks off and proceed to walk out with TV's, entertainment systems and a surround sound system.

Martin Correa is one of the victims, and received the bad news last week.

"It's a headache," he said. "That's a bad thing to do to other people."

Correa has not gone through his entire unit to figure out what was stolen, but so far he says all of his contents were ransacked including furniture, family pictures, heirlooms and fine china.

During one burglary, investigators say, the subject slipped underneath a chain link fence before targeting three storage units.

Another time, the owner said, he went over a barbed wire fence.

In all, investigators estimate the subject has stolen more than $2,000 worth of electronics.