Seniors moving into affordable mini cottage community in Lakeland

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The Lakeland Housing Authority just opened it’s newest, and possibly coolest community for low-income seniors.

It’s called Williamstown, just off US 98 North in Lakeland, and consists of 48 mini cottages.

Each one is about 550 square feet - the approximate size of a three-car garage.

Brad Barfield was one of the first residents to move in. He moved from a much larger house he could no longer afford or maintain.

“I did minimize a lot of stuff, but I don’t think I have minimized enough. I have a ways to go,” Barfield told FOX 13. 

The rent is based on income but averages about $250 a month.

Ben Stevenson, who heads up the Lakeland Housing Authority, says seniors should be comfortable, safe, and in decent housing.

“I think we have addressed this with this particular community,” Stevenson said.