Series of break-ins strike Lake Wales Little League

Kids who play in the Lake Wales Little League just learned a lesson about stealing; don't do it! Investigators have arrested a former player for breaking into a building and stealing money and equipment. The 15 year-old suspect already has a criminal record.

"It is just devastating to the kids, and devastating to the community that something like this would happen to our league," said Jim Maggard, a former league president and current member.

The first break-in happened last week. Then a second, third and fourth break-in happened. One right on the heels of the other. During the fourth break-in the press box was trashed.

In all, more than $600 was stolen from the concession stand. The money would have gone to buy the players end of the year trophies and medals. The league also lost more than $800 in electronic equipment, including the public address system.

"So for a couple of days there may not be any, 'Little Johnny gets his name called out', which is huge for these kids," Maggard told FOX 13.

Lake Wales Police say the 15 year-old is no stranger to law enforcement. He already has been accused of burglary and theft, and was on probation when he was just arrested.

Talking about the Little League break-ins, Lake Wales Assistant Police Chief Troy Schulze said, "He admitted to 1 and 2, and eventually to 3. At this time, he hasn't been charged with the 4th break-in, but chances are high he is going to be charged with the 4th."

The 15 year-old may not be the only suspect, investigators believe he was not working alone.