Shark startles beachgoers on North Carolina's Bald Head Island

A small shark was spotted thrashing around in knee-deep water at a beach on Bald Head Island, North Carolina.

On Saturday, the shark startled visitors. Just a few weeks earlier, a juvenile shark bit a girl on the island just a few weeks earlier, according to local media.

Derek Wragge, a clothing designer, shot this video of the shark while he and his friends were on a day trip.

“There were plenty of people out. We were swimming and enjoying the day,” Wragge told Storyful. “Just after getting out of the water, a man came running over, asking if the other people in the water were part of our family. They were not so he began to motion them to get out. We were confused at first. He informed us that a shark was spotted nearby. I took out my phone and what you see happened just a minute later.”

Wragge said the shark was “thrashing up and down the beach and moving very quickly.” Sharing the video on Facebook, Wragge urged people to “be safe and look for fins, even in KANKLE DEEP WATER.”