'Silent hero' blood donor recognized for 100-gallon mark

Bill Pooley’s gift keeps people alive: He has been donating blood since 1979.

"My son was born with a heart problem," Pooley explained. "My ex-wife talked me into donating blood one time and I just kept it up." 

Kept it up he has. Twice a month like clockwork, you can find Bill giving blood at One Blood Center in Manatee County. 

"I think it's great that I manage to keep coming that long and keep donating that long. I'm healthy and well and I can help other people." 

Bill had a special celebration for reaching a milestone of giving 100 gallons of blood.

"Millions have given blood but only less than a hundred have given a 100 gallons in a lifetime of giving," One Blood’s Dan Eberts said.  

What makes this kind act so special is that Bill is blind. 

 "Being blind I can't do other volunteer jobs, so I decided to do this and keep it up," He continued.

"He's a silent hero," added Eberts. "He not the most provocative person to give you a speech. He's just the salt of the earth, down to earth American who wants to make a difference."

Bill's reward is simple. "Just satisfaction of helping my fellow man.”