Sisters throw birthday parties for teens struggling with homelessness

Two sisters are helping homeless teens gain normalcy by celebrating their birthdays.

Chelsea and Kayla Hage gather gifts for homeless teens who have never had a  birthday party.

"No one was helping with this problem that was happening in the world," said Chelsea.

The sisters are throwing them a party. They call their effort Birthday Candles For Kids.

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"I just honestly believe that everyone deserves a special day," said 19-year-old Chelsea. "No matter who you are what situation you are going through."

Chelsea got the idea three years ago while in drama class at school. She was having a sweet 16 birthday party and thought about others who are not as fortunate.

"I'm getting a huge party and some of these kids don't even hear happy birthday on their birthday," explained Chelsea.

She got her 15-year-old sister Kayla to join her mission.

"It's really nice to see how happy they can be and to feel like that they are not alone in this world," Kayla said.

The duo has thrown 50 parties in three years.

"It's just super, super heartwarming," said Chelsea. "To see these kids light up when they walk into their party. It's definitely a feeling that's indescribable 

"We're like that friend coming in and just giving them a smile," Kayla said.

The sisters' goal is to start a program in every state. For more information, visit