Skydive City has plenty to do, even if you stay on the ground

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In the last year, Skydive City has seen approximately 70,000 jumps performed by visitors from 80 different countries and all 50 states.  But this is not your average drop zone.  

Yes, this parachuting hot spot will help first-timers do tandem jumps and they also train solo divers, but when the professional skydivers descend on ‘The City’ in November, its true colors shine.  Festivals, competitions, world records, and all manner of jumping, landing, and everything in between fill the sky and the ground at this Zephyrhills location. 

The true pioneers of the sport began jumping here in 1960 and have helped Skydive City reach world-renowned status.  

Curious about skydiving but want to avoid jumping out of a plane at all costs?  There is a fantastic spectator opportunity in November.  Free to attend and open to the public, the 2018 Hall of Fame Induction Celebration is taking place November 1 to 3 at 4241 Sky Dive Lane in Zephyrhills.