Slain officer's widow donates body armor to St. Pete PD

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The images of officers in Dallas, of them taking fire, would have been enough to spring Lorraine Yaslowitz-Marino into action.

"[We need to] make their death something that is worthy of their life," she said.

She knows what the families of those officers are going through. In 2011, her husband, Jeffrey Yaslowitz, 39, was killed, along with Sgt. Thomas Baitinger, 48, by a fugitive hiding in an attic.

"I wanted to keep Jeff's legacy alive," she said. "Without him, I wouldn't be anywhere."

She has since remarried, and says their children are doing very well in a new family.

Jeff's legacy, she says, will be about protecting other officers.

After being asked for 20 sets of armor several months ago by St. Pete PD, which would have covered half the SWAT team, her foundation is going to provide enough for all 40.

"Even if it is one officer, that doesn't go into critical. Or something is salvaged for their family, their existence, it will be worth it."

The new plates are stronger than the old ones, and weigh 2 pounds, instead of 20.

They can also stop rounds from semi-automatic rifles.

"Even just for the peace of mind, for those wives and those children, and those officers, that right there is priceless."

When you've felt loss, you want to do everything to prevent more.

"They don't have to do this, they can quit. They don't. They put their lives on the line every single day."

The ballistics aren't cheap, at about $23,000 for 40 sets, raised by her foundation Partners for Life.