Smiles, tears, and forever families

Making forever families was the main order of business at the Tampa courthouse Friday. 

"They're a blessing, they're hilarious, they always keep us on our toes, and they fit in perfectly with us," beamed proud new parents Kristin and William Aldrich.  "It's great."

The Aldrichs adopted 16-year-old Jermaine and 15-year-old Jequan.

"I just got adopted by two people I love.  I feel like I succeeded," said Jequan.

National Adoption Day kicked off with 25 new families in Hillsborough County.

Thomas and Justin are married and have been together for eight years.  They say now that  Roger is part of the family, they're complete.

"This is one more step completed in our book of life," said new dad Justin.

For Roger, it's as simple as just being accepted and loved.  "Since I've been through foster care, I had struggles.  And finally I meet someone that helps me overcome my struggles."

But there were no struggles today -- just smiles and new beginnings.