Some new Chevy cars won't let teen drivers start driving until they buckle up

You have to “click it” to ride with Chevrolet’s new safety feature.

Chevrolet’s 2020 Traverse, Malibu and Colorado models are rolling out a feature aimed at keeping teen drivers safe. The “Buckle to Drive” function forces drivers to fasten their seat belts before driving. It will be incorporated into the standard Teen Driver safety system.

According to FOX News, it is an update to the 1970s version of the feature. However, this time around, it will allow the driver to start the car, but not shift it out of "park" until they fasten their seat belt. The driver will have to wait 20 seconds before the vehicle will operate normally.

Chevrolet said testing provided that a long enough time to convince drivers to buckle up first rather than later.

The Teen Driver system is linked to a specific keyfob and can also mute the radio when seatbelts are not fastened, set off an alarm if the teen driver breaks a certain speed and limit the top speed to 85 mph. Car owners can decide which are activated.

Chevrolet is hoping the "Buckle to Drive" feature will help save lives, especially targeting the 41 percent of teens who admit to not wearing a seat belt when driving. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety estimates that over 2,000 lives could be saved if drivers of all ages wore their seatbelts all of the time.