Some St. Petersburg city councilmembers warm up to Rays splitting cities

While addressing St. Petersburg's city council, Tampa Bay Rays owner Stu Sternberg stuck with his game plan to make the Rays a two-city team.

"We keep what’s great about having baseball in our community and at the same time create bonds and connection with a world-class city like Montreal," he said.

That plan involves building two new stadiums.

Locally, the question remains how will a redeveloped Tropicana Field site look?

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The Rays want an "outdoor eco-friendly ballpark" capable of hosting concerts, events and multiple sports, including soccer.

Rays officials proposed having the Rowdies play their home games in the proposed stadium.

Four proposed plans for redevelopment of the Tropicana Field site

The controversial two-city plan appears to be growing on some council members.

"The opportunities for synergy between Montreal and St. Pete are endless," said council member Gina Driscoll. "It sounded like a strange idea at first but it is really quite innovative," she said.

Members also signaled they want to pause the Trop redevelopment plans until both sides can work together and come to an agreement on a stadium. That appears to be at odds with the mayor, who's been pushing the redevelopment process forward.

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