Soon, you can pet jellyfish at The Florida Aquarium

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A petting exhibit is coming to The Florida Aquarium, and it will be filled with jellyfish. 

The announcement came on April 1, and it is not a joke, said Sandra Morrison, a spokesperson with The Florida Aquarium. The “Moon Bay” interactive exhibit will be opening this summer, showcasing the tranquil moon jellies.

Aquarium officials say it will be the fourth of its kind in the country. The exhibit will include a 2,000-gallon tank with two separate areas where the moon jellies can be touched by visitors. The species’ name was inspired by their translucent bells. 

“Guests will be guided through an interpretive experience and learn fascinating facts about these animals,” according to a press release, “including the importance of moon jellies to our ocean planet, and why moon jellies and their relatives aren’t ‘jellyfish.’”

While, jellyfish are known for their stings to catch their prey, moon jellies are not as dangerous to humans. According to the Sanibel Sea School, “their stinging cells aren’t strong enough to penetrate human skin and will only cause a very mild irritation.”

Moon jellyfish can be found along the California coast, the Gulf of Mexico and even near Europe and Japan. Soon, guests at the Florida Aquarium will find them inside the Tampa exhibit, too.